Why I’m in InWorldz?

At the start of December last year I took the decision to stop bemoaning LL’s policies, tier pricing and customer service and actually practice what I preach and try somewhere else. InWorldz, from recommendations of friends and from what I had read, seemed to be the only viable alternative. So one late night in December I rezzed at IDI their version of SL’s Welcome Island for the first time.

I was immediately greeted by an unpaid mentor/helper called Honey Chicken who, even though I could of kitted myself out from the nearby freebie store, was insistent on helping me and giving me all the starter information I required and was also able to answer all the other technical questions I had too. I spent a couple of weeks just exploring and assessing IW till I decided that even given the fact that there are a lot features missing from IW that would be nice to have, physics being a major one though its introduction is soon to come, there were some distinct advantages in IW and enough of them that I would invest in a sim.

The process wasn’t trouble free because I found out that the person in charge was ill with flu, the amount of staff is incredibly small, but my queries were answered quickly and with a human touch for once. Other people seeing the ticket that I had opened regarding it also contacted me inworld giving me reassurances and offering their help when I took ownership of my sim.

InWorldz Desert Island (IDI). Freebie stores and helpers available 24/7.

Having got my sim I started to build. Not having the luxury of some SL build tools I had to start remembering some “old skool” skills, which was fun and a good refresher course. Also I needed lots of info for where to get textures, scripts etc and I would like to thank all the members of the Builder’s Support group and especially Hairy Thor for generally being, well just nice, generous decent people, answering my questions so quickly, passing me scripts, LMs and offering their help.

This is the appeal of InWorldz to me.  99% of the population are ex or current Second Life residents of long standing.  People like me who remember the early years and the sense of community and sharing in the ideal/idea Rosedale had created and have watched it slowly erode away in SL. Linden Lab are like a person who has discovered a diamond and is not sure what to do with it, they keep polishing and sharpening it and yet they still don’t realise it’s a thing of beauty to look at and it’s a tool that far exceeds any other and most importantly, to move away from the metaphor, it’s the users who create the world and it’s the users who should be being responded to in what tools and policies need to be developed to keep it growing.  The Founders in InWorldz still hold true to these ideals of community and creating an environment for people to express themselves and for those of us who value that InWorldz has become our home.  Like the early years of SL it is amazing what a community will endure when they know that the owners share their ethos and how much they want to help each other to see the horizons of a grid pushed back and wonderful creations are brought into the world.