Castle Marlar – The Land of Lar in InWorldz

It’s not often I feel compelled to write a post, I wish it were, filling a blog would be a much easier task.  However, yesterday I came across a build in InWorldz that was simply stunning, not only in its construction, but its texturing, attention to detail, concept and engaging layout.   Moreover, the most astonishing aspect is that, according to its creator Lar Jun, it is only 33% complete!

Outside view of Castle Marlar

As you can see from the pictures it is a castle, seemingly in good repair and order when one looks from the outside, but inside though it is a castle part in ruin.  I’m not sure whether we are to assume it’s in a state of decline or slowly being repaired.

Looking towards the citadel

Looking towards the citadel

Within the vast grounds of the interior there are small hamlets, a farm, a dock and a small town rising at the base of the main citadel.  Every tiny object has been placed with care and lovingly detailed.  Lar told me that he had been taking pictures of English castles and was now utilising them in the build and I can attest that it is with great effect.

One of the many paths through the build

The attention to detail doesn’t stop there though.  The build though massive has hidden tiny gems throughout to discover whilst walking along sunken and hidden pathways, which I won’t spoil for the reader by revealing here.  Even the interiors of the castle walls are navigable and authentically textured.

Lurking gargoyle found in the grass

For visitors and photographers alike you could spend hours exploring this build and it’s going to be worth returning to time and time again as it is only “33%” complete!  There is still about a quarter sim of open terrain as yet unbuilt upon and I’m sure Lar also intends to add much more to what is already built.  So this creation is only going to get bigger and better.

The citadel and surrounds

What I find most encouraging about this build and other similar ones in InWorldz such as Argonath castle is that creators are now prepared to embark on these projects outside of Second Life.  With a far greater prim allowance (45,000 prims) and only $75 for a whole region these large grandiose projects are much more achievable and affordable and I hope others follow this trend.

Castle Marlar - The Land of Lar - InWorldz

So if you have a good hour to spare and want to treat your eyes then I strongly recommend you visit this 3D masterpiece and enjoy watching it grow over the coming months.  Well done Lar!

8 thoughts on “Castle Marlar – The Land of Lar in InWorldz

  1. Amazing, both the location and your pics! I will definately check this out some day 🙂

  2. annaloom says:

    So happy to have found your blog Sy and your pics are amazing. I shall get myself over to the Castle forthwith!

    InWorldz does have some incredible artistic builders who spare nothing to create with the finest detailed work imaginable. Thank you for exploring and sharing.

    • Sy Beck says:

      Thank you for the kind comments Anna and I agree with your thoughts about InWorldz and hope that examples like this show others the possibilities available in InWorldz.

  3. akismet-c27f0225a44de69005682fdf70412d67 says:

    Thank you for bringing this build to our attention with such incredible photos and such a well-written article. I can’t wait to see it and to see what Lar will do next with the remaining space and prims!

    • Sy Beck says:

      Thanks c27f0225a44de69005682fdf70412d67 or may I call you c27? I think it’s fair to say that others had been flagging up this build before I wandered in there with a camera, notably Minethere Always. In the end it doesn’t matter who was first or last just that this build and its creator get the due recognition that they deserve and that people outside of InWorldz see what’s happening and what’s possible there. This build, in my opinion, is on a par with and surpasses many of the best builds on any grid, Second Life included.

      • Jim Tarber says:

        Apparently, WordPress changed the default profile names to … something less desirable. That was me above. 😉 Hopefully fixed, now. I agree with the quality (and detail!) of this build. It wasn’t so much a matter of who mentioned it first as much as your posting must have been timed right for me to see it. The real credit goes to Lar of course; I just wanted to thank you for covering it again when you did, as I hadn’t seen the earlier mentions. Such a wonderful build!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hullo folks……Lil Lar here……I’d like to thank my friend Mr. Sy Beck fer the very fine pictures he has taken of the Land of Lar and fer posting them here as well as InWorldz. I would also like to say thankyou for the many kind and supportive comments left by visitors who have enjoyed explorin’ the old place. LoL is far from finished but anyone is welcome to see the progress at any time. Be nice ter seesya! Lar Jun

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